We have a selection of free guides for anyone interested in cultivating their own mushrooms, extracting biological compounds such as DMT and for those who wish to introduce Microdosing in to their daily routines. We also provide guides for customers who have purchased one of our Grow Kits from our Spirit Store.

Spirit Molecule - Microdosing Guide


Our Microdosing Guides teach you the basics of everything you need to know in order to start Microdosing safely with both LSD or Psilocybin (Magic Mushrooms)

Spirit Molecule - Mushroom Cultivation Guide

Our free Mushroom Cultivation guide teaches you everything you need to learn to begin cultivating magic mushrooms at home, and we provide all the tools you need right here in our Spirit Store

Spirit Molecule - DMT Extraction Guide

Our free Extraction guide teaches you the basics of everything you need to learn to extract organic compounds such as DMT easily at home using basic tools

Spirit Molecule - Grow Kit Guides

If you own one of our Spirit Pot or Spirit Box grow kits you can use the guides found here to start your grow operation. If you haven’t got yourself one of our magical kits you can pick one up in our Spirit Store