After Denver became the first US City to decriminalize Psilocybin, other cities and countries are sure to follow suit in the coming months and years.

The Psychedelic Society of London in the United Kingdom has started a campaign to demand the rescheduling of Psilocybin in the UK. Please take some time to cast your vote by following the following link.

Below is a short quote from Stephen Reid, the founder of the Psychedelic Society:

The Psychedelic Society supports decriminalisation, but since the UK has no mechanism for citizens to propose referendums, we’ve decided to approach things a bit differently to the US.

Our current campaign demands the rescheduling of psilocybin to benefit people suffering from depression & anxiety. The campaign is backed by Caroline Lucas MP (Green) and Norman Lamb MP (Lib Dem), and almost 10,000 people have signed the associated petition. Today is a great day to sign and (re)share the petition.

Link to sign/share:

We have further meetings with MPs scheduled for the coming weeks. By signing and sharing the petition, you’ll help to demonstrate the strength of feeling on this crucial topic.

In hope,
Stephen Reid
Founder and co-director