Sage is a natural plant growing native along the California coasts, Sierra Nevada Mountains, and the upper desert of the west coast region. There are over 17 variations in California alone, but White Sage (Salvia apiana) is traditionally used in smudging ceremonies by the Shaman of the West and is also the most common strain of Sage sold in the retail environment. It is easily obtainable online, at tobacco accessory smoke shops, and spiritual centres alongside ceremonial burnt offering ingredients like oils and incense. Sage is a herbal medicine used in meditation practices and ritualistic cleansing ceremonies focusing on individuals or specific locations.

The burnt sage leaf becomes the smoke used spiritually to eviscerate negative vibrations. Prior to applying the smoke upon a person, place, or thing, adequate ventilation should be in place for the removal of the stagnated energy residue once the ritual is complete. A fan with an open window should suffice in most cases. There is a great benefit to be gained for individuals utilizing ritualistic sage burning. It is important to understand how useful these plant tools can be in bringing forth spiritual well-being and higher levels of consciousness. Plant teachers and plant medicine heal the wounds of the spirit. Sage not only cleanses the mind, body, and soul of negative energy, but it can also provide a protective barrier against negative influence from outside forces allowing for more rhythmic vibrational energy patterns to flow within.

Sage has a pleasant aroma and can enhance positive effects on the human psyche. It is used in meditation preparatory ceremonies. The smoke very clearly has an effect on the clarity of consciousness upon those within the vicinity. The spiritually cleansing alloy does not merely ward off non-positive electrical energy but creates a haven space of neutral energy, which allows for enhancing the creative faculties of the mind. Having space in which sage is burned regularly is desirable for reaching optimum effects. It is important for an individual to have a space that is enhanced for mental focus that allows one to achieve a clear or flow state. While in the state of flow, the mind is firing on all cylinders. The four major chemicals of the brain, serotonin, endorphin, dopamine and adrenaline are in sync with each other and creating a chemical cocktail in the brain that allows for the perception of time and space to be processed at a much higher rate of frames per second. We have all felt this level of awareness that is amazing while the experience is occurring, but it so often slips away leaving us wondering how to get back to that heightened state of mental clarity. Herbal medicines are useful in helping achieve these states of consciousness and Sage is one of the best non-intoxicating leaves which burning creates a calming yet heightened awareness effect. It is sort of a meditative state in which the herbal aroma helps the mind to achieve. This is why it is used in meditation preparation.

If the intent of the user is to cleanse a space of negative energy, a short mental or verbal incantation of the pledge for cleansing should be made followed by igniting the dried sage bundle until the leaves have red amber and are smoking moderately to profusely. It is best to really get the herb nice and smoky to have the most profound effect. Windows should be open, and as you leave each room, if there is a fan, it should be turned on to allow for the exhalation of neutralized negative energy thus allowing for fresh new rhythmic vibrational frequencies to enter while you finish the ceremony in the remainder of the location. Slowly and steadily wave the sage wand bundle up and down letting the amber breathe smoke as you walk about stretching to every corner of the remaining rooms in which cleansing is desired. It must be stated to please be careful when walking around with a red amber bundle of smoking leaves. Having a coffee cup size container of water should be sufficient to eliminate any potential hazard. It is best not to be inebriated during such ceremonial practices to ensure intentions are received clearly by the universal energy being worked on. A heightened elevation in consciousness is common while performing these rituals and therefore the potential risk involved is significantly minimized.

Meditation is seen as a way to transcend the material world and gain divine wisdom. Dried leaves and incense sticks from plant derivatives have been used in the past to ward off evil or cleanse and purify. Frankincense and Myrrh are two very well known resins burnt in ceremonial offerings. Native Americans are the most notable cultural ancestors in ritualistic purification sage burning. The sacred herb Sage is a gift from Mother Earth and is heavily utilized for spiritual progression. The proper methods for ritual cleansing vary among different cultures but are relatively similar. The herb itself is the tool that cleanses the atmosphere and heightens consciousness. There is some debate over whether Abalone Shell should be used as an ash catcher for post smudging sage remnants. Certain Native Elders believe that the AbaloneShell Represents the Goddess Ocean and should not be used for this purpose. It is believed a clay tray should be used in its stead. It is not clear whether using a shell or clay pot has a distinguishable effect on the impact of sage during application of a ritual cleanse, but what is known to be important are the beliefs and intentions of the person utilizing the sacred herb. If you believe using an Abalone Shell is bad as an ashtray, then definitely do not use one. There is certainly merit seen intaking that position. The intentions, however, should be the primary focus of the sage applicator. Setting intentions alone are very powerful and by adding the expounding effects of sage on this practice, you will undoubtedly notice a difference in the air.