All our products are produced and selected with the highest care. We are always here to help, if you are not happy and wish to request a refund or a replacement please don’t hesitate to contact us.

After you have received your order, you have 7 calendar days to let us know if you wish to return one or more items. But please be aware: not all items are eligible for a refund. Please read our full terms below to see which products are not covered under our 7-day refund policy.



Some of our products need to be stored in specific controlled environments and are perishable. These items cannot be returned and refunded. This applies to the following items:

  • Mushroom Grow Kits
  • Truffle Grow Kits
  • Spores: Syringes, Prints and Vials
  • Agar Dishes



Any items not mentioned in the list above are eligible for a full refund within 7 days. To be eligible for a refund, your item(s) must be unused, in their original packaging and in the same condition as when you received it.

There is a 10% restocking fee applicable on all returns.

In cases where your order is returned to us, whether this be because you entered your delivery information incorrectly or failed to pick up your package from the mailing department, we will offer you the option of paying for shipping and having your order re-sent to you.



Never send items back to us without contacting us first. No returns will be accepted without written authorization. To request a refund contact us using our online contact form or directly via email at



Your original shipping cost will not be refunded unless you received a faulty item. If you are sending any items back to us you are also responsible for covering the cost of return shipping.



Spirit Molecule requires all customers to be 18 years or older in order to purchase any material from our store. Proof of age may be required, or proof of adult permission obtained if we suspect an order is placed by a minor.

We offer our range of Psilocybe Spores for microscopy use only. We cannot offer any advice or comments on the cultivation or culturing of these species, as this is illegal in most countries. Any indication that the products will be used in an illegal manner will lead to your order being refused and refunded.

Some products may be restricted for shipment to certain states within the USA. Psilocybe spore samples cannot be shipped or delivered to residents in California, Georgia, or Idaho.

Ordering and item restrictions may vary depending on your country of residence. Spirit Molecule shipments originate within the United Kingdom. Some countries will not allow the importation of live culture or spore material, especially in hydrated syringe form. Australia and New Zealand will not allow any spore syringes or culture syringes to pass through customs. Customers in these countries are asked to restrict their spore purchases to spore print samples only to ensure delivery may be possible. We ask that all international buyers consult their country’s importation and duty schedules to be informed of any additional taxes or restrictions for the importation of goods from our catalogue. Spirit Molecule cannot accept responsibility for the replacement of seized or confiscated orders. Canadian customers choosing UPS Standard delivery option may be responsible for additional duty or importation brokerage fees upon delivery.

We will not process any credit card payments originating in Russia or any Russian Federation countries, or from the country of Brazil. We ask customers in these countries to please contact us to make arrangements for their orders, or to process their order via mail ordering.

We do not ship to the occupied state of Palestine and will not process any orders originating from there.