Ayurveda, the ancient science of health and wellness as promulgated in India, is also a large body of rare canonical literature that confirms that beauty is an outcome of overall health and inner happiness. The ayurvedic outlook on health and inner wellbeing as the key to health, fitness, and beauty, and the spiritual outlook of yoga in training the body-mind for higher consciousness form the most viable resource to your coveted appearance of charm.

The more we are moving to the rather invasive and lesser-sustainable arena of modern medicine, the lesser we are holding on to the nature-oriented measures of Ayurveda and it is definitely causing much harm in the longer run. Quick fixes with chemical drugs are becoming the root of unwholesome habits, an ignorance of food-values is depriving us of essential nutrition, and a sedentary lifestyle lacking exercise is causing weight management problems among other things. A move back to the ancient formulated routine of proper diet and nutrition, a wholesome lifestyle, exercise, rest and relaxation, meditation, pranayama, and herbal medicinal cure, with time to time detoxes could be the only way forward from here.

The best secrets of Yoga-Ayurveda lifestyle, easy to follow in the day-to-day modern lifestyle are as simple as they are effective, here goes–

Reduce Hair Fall and Restore Its Natural Lustrous Quality with the Right Ingredients In Your Diet:

Hair fall is often a result of stress and a nutrition-depriving lifestyle. Ayurveda traces the origin of hair fall to the dominance of pitta dosha. The vitiation of pitta creates a malfunction, metabolism, and digestion, further setting into motion the cycle of negative impacts affecting the hair follicles.

Hormonal imbalance too is detrimental for hair health. By attending an integrative and immersive yoga teacher training India, you can find ways to target the endocrine gland system inside our body by the instrument of postures (Inversions) as channelling the blood flow to the head is an important posture category you would like to look into for hair-care purposes.

In food, the ayurvedic advice goes for cool and sweet foods to reduce the pitta element in the body. Refrigerated buttermilk, coconut oil as a cooking medium, cinnamon, and citrus fruits like melon, grapes, and pomegranate can rebalance the pitta dosha vitiation. Start keeping lots of hair growth promoting options in your everyday hydration. Coconut water rich in calcium could be one.

Choose your hair care products carefully with an ayurvedic herb called bhringraj. Alternatively, it will be better to procure fresh bhringraj leaves and use its paste as a hair pack. A natural conditioner, hair fall reducer, strength provider for the roots, bhringraj can be your one-stop solution for hair care.

Treat Acne and Improve Skin-tone With A Different Food Habit and Some Special Beautifying Elements:

Polluting, ageing, hormonal imbalances, digestive stagnation– the root of unhealthy skin could be many things. Besides inculcating the right yogic asana, pranayama, and breathing practices in your everyday routine, you can improve the texture and quality of your skin with some natural ayurvedic ways.

Apply chandan or sandalwood paste to lighten the skin tone. Use turmeric for tan removal, treat acne with tea-tree extract gel, and use rose water for a base of face masks to control dryness.

Load your diet with foods rich in iron such as carrots, pomegranate, beetroot, etc. These are also natural agents of blood purification and great for adding a natural glow to the skin.

Yoga to Keep Digestive Troubles Out of the Way:

One tip from the book of yoga: you must ignite your digestive fire or agni before taking a meal. Yoga in the morning on a regular basis will thus keep bloating and indigestion away. For nurturing the digestive fire, it is also good to take lime water with a pinch of salt and grated ginger. At yoga teacher training in India for a month long period, these ayurvedically-right habits are followed to restore the best of health in you.

Keep Strong With a Great Immune System:

 According to Ayurveda, the food is processed into ojas that gives strength and fortifies our defence against intruding disease-causing germs. However, ama is created in the digestion process that brings down one’s immunity.

Ayurvedic spices for detoxification are great agents to burn off ama, like turmeric, cumin, and black pepper. Savvy up in Ayurvedic Indian recipes to keep ama out of the system at any of the Ayurveda courses in Kerala.

Weight Management With Yogic Exercise and Ayurvedic Lifestyle Tips:

While a better and active lifestyle is definitely the way to keep weight in check, you can also incorporate ayurvedic hacks such as making lunch the biggest meal of your day and making dinner a little something, for in the day, the body remains metabolically strong to digest food and also drink warm water as often as possible to speed up metabolism with heat in the belly.

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