Approach to life is a very important outlook and this approach determines a person’s livelihood. Having a negative impact or approach makes our thought process narrow and we have succumbed to the negativity that surrounds us. Meditation helps us eliminate these negative thoughts and brings us to an open free pasture to think freely and positively.

Negative thoughts plague everyone from time to time and research shows that 80% of our thoughts are negative. But how do these negative thoughts seep into our minds and have a drastic effect on our lives? The lives we live in modern times are bound to bore negative thoughts, as the fast and rapid lives that we live drain our perspective of happiness and contentment. It seems that we are living an already programmed automated life. The stress and hectic work pressure at office, bills we have to pay, the screeching sound of traffic, the polluted air that we inhale, all contribute to building up a negative outlook towards life.

So, how do we bring about these changes and have a positive and optimistic approach to life? Life, as we all know, is bounded by restrictions and failure. In whatever we do we should have a calm and composed happy mind. We should be respectful towards others and should build up a sense of morality. But yoga can itself plays a big part in keeping and having positive thoughts towards everything. Meditation from ancient times is known as a practice that helps us maintain a keen, peaceful and receptive mind. Meditation helps us to focus and make us forget all the menials and distant wants and needs that we hold on to so closely. The key is to keep calm and meditate.

Thoughts are constantly occurring and it is hard to control our thoughts. Everybody tends to stay away from what we really need to focus on and keep believing that success and productivity is the only thing that matters in this world. Meditation is the practice of letting go off everything. When you first sit down to meditate, an inconsolable and tremendous amount of thoughts sweeps in like a tornado, but after a while, everything simmers down. We keep focusing on our breathing and eventually we learn to let go of everything along with time. There are lots of yoga teacher training in India where you could go and learn how to meditate and enhance your life. The thoughts that circulate around us can be controlled by practice and meditation helps in controlling our mind and maintains a peaceful environment. Those who don’t meditate believe this skill is often hard to learn and let ego take the center stage. Meditation not only annihilates negative thoughts but also opens up the door towards a peaceful existence, devoid of anger and negativity.

How to meditate and bring back that peaceful place inside

  1. First of all calm your mind and sit comfortably in a nice quiet place. Remember this is a relaxing luxury, not a work out

You should always remember to let go of the idea of work and like a vacation, you should learn to relax. Breathe in calmly and let your body lose control like you are lying on a sunny beach enjoying the breeze from the ocean. Feel the sensation of your muscles relaxing and smoothening.

  1. Focus on your senses

Focus on what feels good on your senses. Whether it is a headache, tension accumulated around the neck area or shoulders, there are numerous other nerves feeling pleasure in different parts. Analyze your body and focus on those areas.

  1. Experience your inner world

Now feel deep and try to find your inner self. Your mind is starting to feel the stimulation from the world around you. You are still having thoughts and hearing voices, but now they are echoing less and fading away slowly. Your thoughts are now more like observation, listen freely.

  1. Feel and experience:

When you breathe in, your lungs expand. Feel the smooth air passing down your chest and body and enjoy the moment. With every breath you take, exhale out the inner tension within you. Imagine that you are breathing out all the negativity from your body and breathing in new fresh life into your lungs. Every breath you breathe out diminishes your negative thoughts.

  1. The place where you belong:

When you are practicing meditation you eventually reach a place of inner peace. You start to get familiar with the place and your mind feels at ease and tranquil. This is the place where you want to be most of the time. Melt into your consciousness and feel that empty space that embraces and caresses you. You breathe out remembering you only exist and live in the moment only. Embrace the experience and remember to visit this world that you only live.

So, the need for meditation in our contemporary world is becoming more aware and essential. The life that we live without values is creating a hole where negative energy and thoughts are affecting the masses. Our approach to keeping a peaceful and calm mind is what is necessary for living a positive life. Meditation aids us in letting go of our fears and insecurities and start every morning in empty, calm and composed mind full of positivity and optimism.

Author Bio:

Manmohan Singh is a passionate Yogi, Yoga Teacher and a Traveller in India. He organize 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training in Napal. Manmohan Singh conducts Yoga Teacher Training in India in different cities. He loves writing and reading books related to yoga, health, nature, Himalayas and Trekking in Nepal.